Outdoor Camping Hammock with Mosquito Net and Sun Shelter,Pop-Up Portable Double Parachute Swing Hammocks Tent Tarp Rain Fly

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Product description
If you hate the hot sun, no umbrellas are raining; if you want to take a break after hiking. Congratulations! Our tents are perfectly suited to your requirements.

First of all, I can tell you with certainty that this camping hammock is made up of two main members: a hammock and a parasol.When strong sunlight comes, you can set the sky to avoid strong ultraviolet radiation. When the sudden heavy rain comes, you can quickly set the sky, so you can avoid rain, of course, the sky can also be removed and then come to the local pad!

Yes, you can also set up a camping hammock according to different geographical conditions. It can be replaced according to different needs, and it is convenient and convenient to install.

Premium Quality Material hammocks are made with 210T Parachute Nylon. The material is soft, breathable, mildew-resistant and, if cared for, will last for a long lifetime.
We use strong Tree-Friendly Straps rather than ropes-Many parks and campground are actually banning hammock ropes because they damage and harm trees. Our Redwood Tree Straps are 100% tree-friendly.
Strong and Ultralight Carabiner-We use smooth aviation-grade aluminum carabiners, which are ultra-light (21g) and rated at over 1000lbs
2-in-1 REVERSIBLE DESIGN-Use as a regular hammock or with the mosquito netting when you need it! The hammock is two in one!
1.66 lbs for the complete bundle! Compare that to the weight of a one-man tent that costs 5-8x more!
Our hammock has a unique pop-up frame and is completely knot-free, making it the easiest mosquito net hammock on the market to set up. It is perfect for camping, backpacking, hiking, travel, and other adventures!
Unique Sun-Proof Design-Blue fabric provides effective shading, which protects you against the bright sun and does not block your view.

Product Information:
Name: with a canopy hammock Hammock material: 210T nylon spinning
Sky screen material: 210T plaid fabric + PU waterproof 2000
Hammock size: 250 * 120cm
Sky screen size:230*140cm(90.5”*55”)
Sky screen Diagonal size: 270 * 270cm(106”*106”)
Hammock weight: 650g
Canopy weight: 300g

This product contains:
hammock-120cm x 250cm*1
Sky screen* 1
Wind rope*4
tree strap *2
Large steel buckle *2
Long aluminum nails* 2
Same color hammock outer bag*1
Outer packing tape * 1
Built in Mosquito net with 2x fiberglass poles to hold the netting

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